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Amung. Founder of AMG Accessories.

Meet Amung, a cancer survivor and founder of AMG accessories, a fashion accessory venture...

“When you do something good for others, who are in need, never give up. My work makes me happy and busy and I’m sure...
Picture: Devika Gurung

Devika’s ‘Fidgety Fingers’ trainees to clock a three fold increase in revenues

“All the appreciation and response towards our work gives me and my team immense encouragement and motivation to continue. Fortunately, there has never been...

How Zuboni Humtsoe & PML have Become a Mean for Empowerment of Naga Women

Astate defined by its lush mountainous terrain, picturesque village settlements and rich cultural heritage, Nagaland is also recognised for its finesse in fashion and handicrafts. In...
Valuation of a company

How to know your company’s valuation ? – 9 Methods Explained

A startup is like a box. A very special box. This is a startup The box has a value. The more things you put in the...

RUNWAY in Dimapur, Nagaland is reviving the age old tradition of hand-woven and handmade...

India is home to rich culture and traditions. While globalisation has struck its chord in Indian market, long before, artisans have been one of...

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